Body odours

a research on sweat smells and emotions 

I have always been emotionally attacked by other’s odour, whether it’s their perfume or their natural smell.

The awareness of this sensitivity is what made me concerned about how my body odour would be perceived. Is it as unpleasant for others as it is for me?

I did not know anything about the smell, but my constant interaction to it’s invisible character. In fact, in the beginning of my research I found it hard to convince people to wear a basic t-shirt for 3 days and 3 nights in a row so I could probe anonymously, or work with their perspiration smell.

Emotions are one of the factors that causes the perspiration, and the bacteria on the body is what gives our sweat an odour. That led me to focus on how people’s emotions were affecting the amount of perspiration, rather than concentrating on the smell alone.